Plantar Wart Treatment

Plantar wart treatment - Why seek help? Warts are so disgusting that you may want to remove it immediately. Yes it is indeed disgusting and people tend to think that when you have warts, you are untidy and filthy. People will also stay away from your company knowing that having plantar warts is highly contagious. Resorting to finding the most effective plantars wart treatment is your best decision.

There are lots of “plantars wart” treatments but few are considered to be significantly effective. Some people often prefer natural medication other than surgical removal or similar procedures. Non natural plantars wart treatments are even expensive and unaffordable for most people having infected with it. Laser treatment and surgical procedures offers expensive treatment but claim to be the most effective plantars wart treatment.

Wondering why I am using “plantars wart treatment” here? It is because there are many people who mistakenly identify plantar warts are plantars warts. So let us leave it that way so people who are astray in searching desperately for a cure can still get the information they wanted. So what are the most readily available plantars wart treatment? Let us now sum up natural plantars wart treatment then we will be posting for the other treatment procedures later.

Here are the most controversial and claimed plantars wart treatments that are up to this day still being argued. I personally find one of these natural plantars wart treatments really effective. Sometimes, being desperate will lead you to try different treatments but just a mere caution, think of health safety FIRST.

Salicylic Acid - This medication is easy and quite cheaper as compared to the other forms of treatment. Salicylic acid slowly “eats” the plantar warts in time. That is why this type of plantars wart treatment will take about six to eight weeks to fully remove the plantar warts. The following is the common procedure in applying a salicylic acid.

- Clean your plantar warts with warm water. Have it soaped and scrubbed with pumice or similar material to remove the top layer of your wart.

- After having your plantar or plantar warts cleaned, dip cotton into your salicylic acid solution and directly wipe it on the warts. If another dipping is necessary, please do not use the same cotton.

- Cover your treated warts with clean gauze to have it protected against itching and rubbing with your other skin areas. This will prevent spreading of the plantar warts in the other areas of your body.

- Do the treatment thrice a day. Once in the morning, at noon, and before going to bed. Remember, constant treatment should strictly be followed to get rid of your plantar warts quick.

This is the best procedure to follow as other people just directly apply the salicylic acid to the plantar warts even without considering cleaning them. Follow this simple plantars wart treatment using salicylic acid and have your warts completely gone in about four to six weeks. Here is another popular plantars wart treatment that people consider so be painful and unlikely to leave scars and marks.

Burning - Burning the plantar warts might be an awful option for some people but desperate as they say, it is most likely to be a choice by most. Some uses incense, cigarette lighter, intensely heated metal rod, or even cigarettes. In burning plantar warts as a form of “treatment”, it will leave obvious marks. My plantar wart was removed by directly burning it. Incense was an ultimate solution that I finally got my nasty plantar warts removed. This may be a very painful plantars wart treatment or procedure but it sure did work for me. So here is how I removed the nasty plantar warts using incense.

- Clean not only the infected area of the skin where the plantar warts are located. Use warm water to soften the warts. Lightly rub the warts with a pumice stone or similar material to remove the callus or the top layer of the warts.

- Wipe the warts to dry. Prepare a lighted incense, a pail of water, and a scrub or a pumice stone.

- With the lighted incense and the ember glowing, dip it directly and burn the warts with the incense stick. You should feel the pain and smell the burnt skin (warts).

- After burning the warts, soak your infected foot with water and forcefully rub the warts off. It should start to bleed and feel so painful.

- If the “root” of the plantar warts won’t come off yet, repeat the burning process. As many would say, “No pain, No Gain”. Soak it again with water and forcefully rub the “cooked” warts, if a lump of white material is removed with tiny little hair-like materials comes off when rubbed, the root of the wart has just been removed. It should leave a small clean whole where the wart has previously lodged.

- Apply an antiseptic like iodine to avoid infection of the hole the wart has left. Cover it then with a clean gauze.

When done correctly though very painful, it should cure your warts in two to three days. I personally did this procedure and it has been almost two years since I had plantar warts. This plantars wart treatment may not fit for everybody, but I know there are lots of desperate guys and gals out there who are wanting to remove or get rid of the nasty plantar warts immediately. I know some of you are afraid to try burning warts and this next method seems to be perfect for you.

Duct Tape - Many doubt the effectiveness of duct tape as plantars wart treatment. Contrary to non controversial and non stereotype medication or treatment, duct tape seems to be ridiculed or doubted. Treatment for plantars warts using duct tape has long been accepted by many to be effective but some people who sell anti wart solutions tend to nullify or question the validity of the claim. So here is the procedure on platars wart treatment using duct tape.

- Clean your plantar warts with warm water and sulfur soap. Lightly rub the top surface of the warts with pumice stone or similar material to remove the outer covering of the plantars wart.

- Wipe it clean and dry.

- Cover the plantars wart with duct tape. Be sure that the duct tape should firmly hold on your skin and ensuring air is unable to get through the plantars wart.

- The duct tape should hold up to five days. As the duct tape will fall off, soak in your plantars wart in warm water and slowly peel them using a pumice stone. Again, cover it securely with a duct tape. Repear this procedure as the duct tape falls off. REMEMBER that we are going to soffocate the plantars wart.

- Do this as a routine and the plantars should disappear in 4 to 8 weeks. Plantars wart treatment using duct tape is very easy to do and is painless.

Now we know that we have cheap and easy options for plantars wart treatment, it is now your decision to choose which of the procedures above should you follow. These are all virtually free or have to pay few dollars to buy salicylic acid, incense, or a duct tape. Anyway, this plantars wart treatment may not be suitable for everybody so consult with a medical expert and ask for the most appropriate treatment.


MARMOLS said...

"does the methods of treating planters warts mentioned really works?? I badly need to get rid of my warts... please help.."

bISDAk said...

i did try burning my wart due to desperation and made a ridiculous large hole in my foot.. never gonna try it again!

the duct tape trick may do as well. :-)

thanks for posting this!

chiris cole said...

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genius786 said...

You are a Good writter infact this is Written very detaild Cause, Symptoms and Treatment of Plantar Warts Thumbs Up.

genius786 said...

You are a Good writter infact this is Written very detaild Cause, Symptoms and Treatment of Plantar Warts Thumbs Up.

Gabrielle M said...

great, practical article! thanks!

Mickey Mouse said...

To make a smaller scar when you burn your wart - use a needle.

Put he top of the needle over some fire and make it red-hot.
Then poke your wart right in the center and rather deep.

It will be somewhat painful and you will end up with a blister, but
that blister is what will make the wart go away and leave almost no scar
because the needle is so small.

Burning is pretty much the same as freezing it off, except that all you need is a needle.

Deborah Richards said...

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Alex Johnson said...

All kinds of warts share similar traits. Plantar warts are differentiated by the location of their growth. They are often found on the soles of the feet. Because of this location, they can cause some pain as the person walks. The pain sensation can be made worse by tight or closed footwear.

Treatment of warts on the soles can consist of such varied methods as application of non-prescription wart cream, application of castor oil and the use of duct tape for several days. Some individuals however do not recommend treatment without the doctor’s approval. This is simply because treating your own warts by yourself may worsen your wart condition and may even damage surrounding skin.